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Magento Testing Action List

Testing remains a critical stage for eCommerce developing, and it should be participated by both developers and store admins. Depends on the budget…
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The Build·Promote·Refine Trilogy of eCommerce

At the very beginning when we first start eCommerce developing, we came up with this idea to define the life cycle of eCommerce…
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Understand Magento Attributes – the First Lesson of eCommerce

Ever since we started eCommerce developing, we often found it's hard to believe when an eCommerce store was launched with little to none…
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What Makes A Good Online Shopping Experience?

Your design must be suitable for your audiences The most cutting-edge design may not be the best option for you, in many cases…
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eHarvest Branding Guide Line

Brands are human creations, therefore, bear characteristic of the creators, in other words, brand identifies such as logos and names should all be…
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Google Cloud: How to Migrate VM Instances from One Project to Another

If you're just getting started with GCP, chances are you will have different VM instances running under a default project. Then somewhere down…
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