How to Limit Google Place API Auto Complete to Certain Country

This article covers: When using Google Places API, limit the country to Australia in address auto complete suggested results. This feature was used in a Magento 1.9 One Step Checkout. Audiences of this article: Web developers Using the region parameter You may notice in this article, Google has covered how to control your auto complete […]

Website Cost Factors – Information Website

Online presence is often the first milestone of many startups, to make the first step a successful one, we put together a website preparation list to help you better understand the scope of we developing. Other than knowing what’s involved to make a good website, you may also want to know what are the cost […]

Information Website Preparation List – New Website

Good preparation will help your website project move faster and meets the deadline. In many cases, website owners tend to underestimate the complexity of web design which not only requires copy and images, but also a well-drafted site plan – what purpose would you like your website to fulfil: if you’re offering a service you […]