Magento Development

Magento Development

Back in 2008, Magento was created by Varien Engineers based on their ingenious EAV – Entity-Attribute-Value model. After almost a decade of refinement, the Magento development team has released a more robust, secure and advanced version – Magento 2.0. With the help of feature-rich third party modules, this highly regarded eCommerce platform becomes widely applicable to businesses of all levels. Following the recent acquisition by Adobe in 2019,  Magento 2 is expected to be supercharged with Adobe’s creativity and design strength, and incorporate some of the trending technologies such as IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Augmented Reality. Magento development has a bright future with endless possibilities to revolutionise online shopping.

Let’s look at the top 4 reasons why Magento is in a league of its own

#1 Magento is Highly Customisable

Customisation is what sets Magento apart from subscription based eCommerce solutions. Magento is an open source eCommerce platform with developers/contributors all over the globe. There are hundreds of thousands of third party Magento modules at our disposal to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need your store to be integrated with third party applications to automate business processes, or adopt some trendy online shopping features to boost your sales, with Magento the process from idea to reality can really be as easy as plug in and play.

#2 Magento is Seriously Powerful

Majority of our Magento clients have online product quantities between 5000 to 20000, with the largest we’ve ever built close to 50000. We can proudly tell you that, with the right server environment, resource configuration and speed optimisation, Magento has more power than you ever needed. When working on Magento admin, it’s magnificent to see Magento handles half a million products with ease. Beside product management, Magento also have unparalleled strength in order processing, claiming 2558 orders per hour with Magento 2 EE, a whopping 39% improvement compared to the first generation.

#3 Magento is SEO Friendly

When we follow SEO guidelines, Magento products and categories can be easily discovered and indexed by search engine, resulting dominant organic search performance. Other than the fundamentals such as keywords rich product and image naming, meta descriptions, authentic product descriptions and useful category introductions, there are a lot of technical work to be done to combat duplicate content issues which is a by product of Magento’s famous layered navigation. With over 6 years’ experience of building and nurturing Magento stores, we have the right tools to rank your store high.

#4 Magento Sells More Products

With sales as a true value in its core, Magento was created to do one thing really well – sell products. If we take a look at Magento’s way of presenting, categorising and promoting products, it’s easy to understand why Magento is a superior eCommerce platform. Here are a list of things made Magento unique:

  • Layered Navigation It allows products to be categorised in unlimited ways – as long as they make sense to customers. For instance, a men’s shirt can be categorized according to style, colour, material and size, making it convenient for shoppers to find the exact products they look for.
  • Upsell, Cross-sell and Add-on This is what shop owners really excited about. Worried about losing personal touch once your business goes online? Not with Magento! With built-in functionalities to allow customers to easily scaling up/down, or choosing alternative products, experience shop owners can really replicate their brick and mortar skills in Magento to maximise their sales.
  • Various Product Types Magento’s product types not only provides a better shopping experience but also gives merchants the options to group and bundle products – a smart way to increase average order value.
  • Catalog and Shopping Cart Price Rules With these awesome features, you’ll never run out of promotional ideas. Combining with email marketing, this is Magento’s tried and true method for securing weekly sales.

Sounds promising? Here is how we build Magento stores for SMBs

#1 A Dedicated Hosting Environment

A dedicated web server is a must have for Magento development, it offers many advantages in development, testing, ongoing maintenance, search engine optimisation and server scaling. At eHarvest, we follow Magento recommended Development-Build-Production deployment architecture, to maximise development efficiency and minimise downtime. A dedicated hosting environment can also be fine tuned to suit a particular Magento version’s server requirement, or add necessary tools to accommodate third-party modules on the fly, which can be difficult or even impossible to perform in a shared hosting environment.

eHarvest utilise the latest Cloud Computing technology to build dedicated cloud hosting environment for eCommerce stores, with critical server specs can be easily scaled up or down on demand. With over 10 years of server knowledge, we can customise backup plans to reduce server costs, and we also offer fantastic hosting technologies such as Load Balancing and CDN to ensure pleasant and uninterrupted online shopping experience.

#2 Never Take No for An Answer

Magento is an ever evolving eCommerce platform, and there is no absolute expert to it. The real champions are the ones who have no just great coding skills but unparalleled troubleshooting capability. Over the years, we’ve successfully launch many eCommerce stores based on both Magento 1 and Magento 2, our confidence is based on the fact that, we are able to turning ideas into sales, regardless of the methodology. It’s a mixture of enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, understanding or willing to dive into industry specifics, and the magic of turning client’s briefing into applicable web applications make us special.

eHarvest is also a big fan of strategic partnership, and we believe a win-win situation is only way to build a sustainable relationship with our clients. Therefore, unlike many other agencies which only focus on the development phase, we took the lifespan of your online business into consideration. It means that we are able to set up a future proof eCommerce ecosystem for you, and offer a tailored online marketing package to grow your revenue. Whenever you need new application or integration requirements to accelerate your business growth, we will be there for you. After all, when it comes to eCommerce, revenue should be considered as the number one factor to evaluate all work efforts.

#3 Large Store or Multi-store? We’ve Done it All!

Made in the USA, Magento was born for the Australian market. The ingenious ideas of Websites, Stores and Store Views is a great hierarchy to accommodate both wholesale and retail, as well as the mixed ones in between, which is a perfect answer for many seasoned Australian businesses with both retail customers and wholesale clients world wide. In the concept of SCOPE, a single Magento installation can have multiple websites, and each website can have multiple stores and store views, which means business with multiple stores can now be nested under one roof, sharing the same powerful frontend user interface and isolated admin access with controlled privileges.

From Magento 1 to Magento 2, we’ve handled large multi-store projects of over 60 stores and the largest catalog house close to 500000 Stock Keeping Units (SKU). We’ve helped local businesses who have never had online sales, some hard-working clients have crossed the half million sales mark in less than three years. In the 2020 Australian bush fire season, some of our clients’ eCommerce stores have also contributed to the national bush fire release campaign, giving back to our community and bring people closer at tough times. It is truly magnificent to see our work went above and beyond to bring out the goodness of our people.

#4 It’s Made in Australia

eHarvest is a Sydney based Magento development power house with 100% of our coding are conducted in house. Each one of our Magento project includes on-site training sessions to ensure our customers fully understand Magento store administration, so they can effectively manage products and sales. To unleash Magento’s power in selling, we also offer in depth training to more tech-inclined staffs in areas such as: Magento attributes, shopping cart price rules, catalog price rules, up sell, add-on and cross sell. We enjoy getting to know our customers face to face, learn their breath taken stories and share our latest eCommerce marketing tactics.

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