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The No.1 CMS in the World Since 2011

According to the survey from w3Techs, in late 2019 WordPress is powering 35.0% of all the websites, representing 61.8% of the content management system used on the Internet. With a consistent market share growth of up to 4% each year, it’s clear that WordPress has been the favourite website platform for SMBs and is likely to maintain its dominance for many years to come. If you’re running a small business, choosing WordPress for your website means you’re getting the most intuitive Content Management System and the latest search engine optimisation benefits, plus a eCommerce possibility if you plan to start an online store in the near future.

Source: W3Tech.com

Let’s look at the Top 3 Reasons why you should choose WordPress to build your website

#1 WordPress Is Cost-effective In The Long Run

Web design is a fast-growing industry where new design concepts, UX features emerge rapidly, however with WordPress you’ll never have to worry about costly website rebuild. By using the modular concept, WordPress enables your website to be rendered in different themes, so a site rebuild could be as easy as changing a theme with minimum customisation.

Although there are DIY site tools such as Wix and SQUARESPACE who offers little to nothing to build and run your website. But no matter how simple they claim their website building process is, it can still be intimidating to business owners. Not to mention the time and efforts needed to learn a set of new tools is another cost factor.

On the other hand, leaving your website to WordPress developers means you only have to focus on your own businesses. And the good news is you have unlimited options to extend, customise or even rebuild your WordPress site without having to lose previous efforts or SEO juice. In case you experience issues with your current service provider, it’s quite simple to transfer your WordPress site and hosted somewhere else, or spoil it with a dedicated hosting if needed. Nowadays, there are many affordable WordPress experts all around the world who are willing to look after you.

In short, If you need a website that can grow with your business without spending a fortune, choose WordPress!

#2 WordPress Is More Than Just Blogging

Being an open-source platform, WordPress has abundant resources such as professionally designed and managed themes, modules and plugins, which forever changed how developers build websites. The plugin and play concept made popular by WordPress has allowed web developers to build sophisticated functionality which is tailored for your business at minimum cost.

WordPress can also be extended to include eCommerce capability. If we regard Magento as the ultimate platform for medium to large businesses with hundreds of thousands of products, WordPress is a perfect fit for small businesses who have simple products and limited in-house resources. The user-friendly nature of WordPress makes learning and managing WordPress eCommerce Stores a pleasure.

#3 WordPress Is Search Engine Friendly

Among all the modern CMS platform include website building tools such as  Wix, Shopify and SQUARESPACE, WordPress is the most discoverable by search engine crawlers. Simply view the source code of each website built on different platforms, even without any coding skills, you will notice how simplified WordPress is which is the reason why WordPress is so Search Engine friendly. If your website ranking is critical to you then look no further than WordPress.

Google’s search algorithm is constantly changing to provide a better search experience. As individuals, developers, site owners or webmasters alike, it’s impossible to track all the updates. Fortunately, there are dedicated professionals who design and build SEO plugins to help us simplify the Search Engine Optimisation task in WordPress, so we can always stay on top of the game with minimum efforts.

Recently Google has developed a Site Kit tool to connect WordPress with its services such as Google Search Console, Analytics, AdSense and PageSpeed Insight. This gives all the important statistics WordPress site owners need to work on their SEO, run Google Ads campaigns and analyse overall site performance. A plugin dedicated to WordPress by Google doesn’t happen very often, pretty cool right?

Ready to get started? Fantastic! Here is how we develop WordPress differently from others

#1 Business Photography Included

Stock images are popular choices for large enterprise businesses because they often prefer to hide their identity. However, when it comes to local businesses, it’s almost impossible to find the perfect images to represent what they do, which is why we decided to include business photography because we want to build an online presence that is unmistakably yours!

For any new website projects, we include a half-day photography session to capture the essential part of your business. As web designers, we possess a unique photography skill that works best for the web. Photograph a river and put it on the wall is one thing while photographing a business moment that works on all devices and speaks to your audiences is another. Only until you see a fully finished website will you fully appreciate the value of being both photographer and web designer – a capability we’ve been honing for years.

#2 Follow WordPress Development’s Best Practice

There are two fundamental disciplines that we believe every passionate WordPress developer should respect:

  1. Always use a Child Theme. By using WordPress child theme, all theme customisations are done in the child theme, leaving parent theme intact so it can be updated. Otherwise, if the parent theme is modified directly, a theme update will destroy all the changes, which can be a costly incident. From a developer’s perspective, using a child theme is more of a habit than taking short cuts, because it cost us nothing to implement a child theme at the start. Yet from all the WordPress sites we’ve worked on in the past 10 years which were built by fellow developers, less than 10% use a child theme. Perhaps, they were not as passionate as us.
  2. Never modify plugins themselves. Very similar to theme, it’s a big NO-NO to modify any WordPress plugins directly because it’s the easiest way to sink a WordPress site in the near future when someone updates the plugins without knowing some of them cannot be automatically updated. If something has to be done, we can either talk to plugin developers to include the updates or find other ways to meet your development requirements.
  3. Harden WordPress security prior to launch. WordPress is prone to security issues since its birth, therefore we developed a list of security hardening measures to make sure your site is safe and secure.

#3 Get WordPress Ready For Online Marketing

The ultimate goal of having an online presence is to make your website visible to relevant search queries so people can discover your business through the search engine. As a standard website package, we include set up digital marketing gadgets, such as email subscription, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Search Console, XML sitemap submission, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics Goal tracking.

Once you have all the valuable tools at hand, you can learn to interpret website KPIs and make informed online marketing investment.

All of our WordPress development is done within Australia and hosted via Google Cloud. Apart from building a WordPress website, we also offer one-on-one WordPress coaching to help our clients better understand and manage WordPress CMS.

Got a question about WordPress? Call us on 1300 378 389 or speak our WordPress experts.