Power your online stores with one of the most promising eCommerce platforms trusted worldwide. Learn how Magento 2 can open up new possibilities like never before.

System Integration

Maximise efficiency by seamlessly integrate your online store with eBay/Amazon, Inventory, POS and Accounting. Build a solid eCommerce ecosystem to withstand competition.

Digital Marketing

Take control of your market share with our pragmatic online marketing solutions tailored for SMBs. Learn the nitty-gritty of getting your business online.

eCommerce Ecosystem in a Nutshell

The seemingly sophisticated eCommerce lifecycle can be simplified in below three phases


Build online stores on dedicated eCommerce platform such as Magento gives your more freedom in terms of system integration and operation automation. In addition, the complete ownership of your digital assets is also a huge advantage many store owners often miss when they feel stuck with third party solutions.


Similar to opening a local business, your online store requires consistent marketing efforts to get customers in the door. These days there are many different ways to make a splash and the good news is: online marketing is a lot more measurable than TV or radio ads so you can get most out of your advertising budget.


After discovering the relationship between key KPIs and sales, you know exactly why and when you should make adjustments to your online store. Refining your web user experience in a calculated fashion allows you to stay ahead of competition no matter what technology throws at you.

Our Capabilities Will Make a Difference

With over 10 years experience helping SMBs grow, here is a glimpse of what we do

Originally built as a blogging platform, WordPress has crowned the most popular CMS for business websites. With the ability to plug in and play, a well built WordPress site is capable of handling a range of time-consuming business operations such as booking, event schedule, recurring billing and much more, leaving more time for business owners to focus on growth.

We are passionate Magento developers and we are among the very few developing firms who launches Magento 2 stores as early as 2016 when most Magento developers were still in a sit and watch state. As the second generation becomes more and more stable with third-party supports start booming, it's capabilities of being integrable really stands apart.

When online businesses reach certain revenue bracket, it will start to become demanding in internal resources if some of the repetitive tasks such as order fulfilment are not automated. To cut down operational footprint and reduce human errors, we recommend integrating eCommerce platform with POS, Logistic, Inventory, Accounting and CRM.

Hosting environment is the foundation of your online business, apart from been secure and robust, it also needs to be high-performance and scalable. Whether you have relatively small information websites or large scale eCommerce stores, we have fine-tuned hosting environment to keep them running fast and secure. All hosting plans include backup and updates.

Over the years we oversee our client's online traffic on a regular basis, it's quite common that search traffic remains the most important channel for either leads or sales. Therefore we recommend to have your website or online store SEO audited, which not only resolves hidden technical issues that would harm ongoing SEO efforts but also addresses users experience flaws.

Paid search is a great tool to help new business take off, and it works much better with optimised landing pages where business owners provide paid search traffic with enough validation for their services/products. Paid search is a highly targeted way of advertising, and there is definitely more science than guesswork, therefore a good amount of testing is the key to maximise ROI.

Our photographers have a solid understanding of web design principles, so they know how to take perfect photos for your business. In today's online marketing, fresh content is what fuels your search engine ranking and keeps your social followers engaged, which all need quality photos to showcase your products and services.

EDM (Email Direct Marketing) are among the oldest online marketing strategies and it's proven to be the bread & butter of digital marketing. We can help you grow clean email audiences, and show you how marketing promotions work hand in hand with weekly emails. By analysing email reports, you can develop better marketing ideas.

It's about time to start personalised shopping. Simply look around and we see one size for all approach is still dominating eCommerce - product, categories, layer navigation. Why don't we start to bundle products to make smart packages? Or pay attention to eCommerce data and spoil regular customers with some handpicked items?

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